“The Kranshi”

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This painting of the “Kranshi” (the Town Hall) was a second commissioned piece (11” x 14”) painted for gentleman who lived there prior to the residence becoming the Kranshi. Painting in the shade of only the rental car hatchback near … Continued

A Day Off!

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ADay Off! Today, with five paintings completed, I took a day of rest!! At 9 a.m. we took a snorkeling adventure over a sunken tug with “Reef Captain” Marcel, our Curacao host with whom we were staying. Even amidst some … Continued

Monday’s Paintings

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On Monday morning, in between varnishing and framing the first three paintings at the parking garage in preparations for Tuesday night’s opening, I painted “Terra Cotta and Turquoise”. This represented to me a familiar, ornate architectural roofline of Curacao, as … Continued