Final Activity: Saturday’s Quick Draw

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The last formal activity of PAC was the three-hour Quick Draw, 9 a.m. to noon, I wanted to do a row of buildings that would represent Curacao architecture, terra cotta roof lines, color, and motion of the downtown.



Shopping Opps! street










Passersby offered words of encouragement in this timed exercise in English, Italian, and Papiamentu (local language) and the security guard at the fine perfume establishment that I was painting in front of saw my dirty painting water near the end of the competition and kindly offered to change it out! This reflected the kindness of the people throughout Curacao.

The resulting painting was named “Shopping Opps!”


Quick Draw Shopping Opps


Congrats to fellow watercolorist, Catherine Hollis, who won an honorable mention in the Quick Draw competition, which was judged by Plein Air Magazine Editor, Peter Trippi. During the quick Draw, Plein Eau (underwater) painter “Carlos from Costa Rica” performed with of paint and music as he created an underwater scene, and three talented young men performed and danced in stilts…a lively and amazing performance!

Punda is connected to Otrabonda by footbridge and is home to a floating market, a fresh fruit/vegetable marketplace, wonderful ethnic foods, and many shopping and eating opportunities.

Curacao Downtown map

Saturday, March 7