A Day Off!

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Snorkeling beach

ADay Off!

Today, with five paintings completed, I took a day of rest!!

At 9 a.m. we took a snorkeling adventure over a sunken tug with “Reef Captain” Marcel, our Curacao host with whom we were staying. Even amidst some (a lot!) of small jellyfish, my motto for the week “Make It Happen!” held true. Despite some clouds, the fish, eels, fan and brain coral, and a stingray were bright and vibrant! Simply beautiful.



Diane on snorkeling boat

Later in the morning, we visited hostess Elsbeth’s nearby quilting and fiber art studio where her beautiful textile/quilting artwork was on display. The studio was in full preparation for the island’s Open Atelier Route, when artists open their studios to the public.


Elsbeth 2

Elsbeth 1

After lunch, Nancy and I drove to the beach and did some more snorkeling, now with the sun out brightly. More beautiful underwater scenery and time to stretch out in the water, float and swim. It felt wonderful after several intense days of painting! And while Nancy got her painting gear set up to quickly paint the beach, I relished in the sunshine and a good book on the beach. The rocks were formidable and passing them into the clear waters was challenging. Finding several glistening silver Curacao coins while snorkeling in the very shallow rocked area reminded me that my Dad is never far away. He was smiling on me during this wonderful adventure!

Tuesday evening was Opening Night of the PAC Exhibition in Punda! Yet there were several more paintings to be completed before the week was out.

Tuesday, March 3