Hotel Kura Hulanda and “Shaina”

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After dropping Nancy off at the airport for her return trip Friday, I completed this painting at Hotel Kura Hulanda, an historic village of tiny and colorful buildings converted to high end hotel. It is located in Otrabonda.

This scene was created in the late afternoon with the energy of a cup of vanilla ice cream…the purchase of which also provided the assurance of comfortable seating and a table right under the trees, exactly what I needed to paint at that location. (With suitcase and weight limits in air travel, upon arrival to Curacao, I borrowed a captain’s chair and found a tall cardboard box which had become my “makeshift” painting tray that I always use to the right of my seat!) The late afternoon sunlight provided some nice grazing of the building, and lit the white wrought iron seating/table nicely. The painting is named after Shaina (Shi- eena), who is “ghosted’ in the kitchen.

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Friday, March 6