Monday’s Paintings

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On Monday morning, in between varnishing and framing the first three paintings at the parking garage in preparations for Tuesday night’s opening, I painted “Terra Cotta and Turquoise”. This represented to me a familiar, ornate architectural roofline of Curacao, as did the bright color and materials of the building. It is good to take a quick walk around a building to find the best view (while also looking for shade). The strong sunlight was ideal and the trees enframed the subject matter nicely. Shielded well from the sun, I had the benefit of painting under a tent at a table (I usually paint in my lap sitting in a chair wherever the view seems best). From this location, Iremember the frequent high pitched laughter that would end is a squeal of a woman at a nearby table, as well as the voice of a local gentleman in native accent calling “ICE COLD WAAATER!” to the passersby.
Terra Cotta & Turquoise pen dwg

Terra Cotta & Turquoise photo 2

Terra Cotta & Turquoise photo

Terra Cotta & Turquoise









On Monday night, the artists were treated to a beautiful sunset cruise on Miss Ann with Captain Bit! Large expanses of smooth watercolor washes for skies have been a bit of a challenge on the Aquabord, so while most artists painted the outdoor scenery of a lighthouse, shoreline and the sunset, I stayed up from in the captain’s area to complete a painting of the interior of the boat. I called it “Never Alone”.

More to come!

Wednesday, March 3

Captain Bit of Miss Ann'

Never Alone